Spotlight: Horos For Neurology

Posted by P. Varma on Apr 27, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Did you know that Horos is literally present all over the world? That’s right, all seven continents on Planet Earth now have Horos users residing on them. That is quite an accomplishment considering that Horos is only a little over 3 years old. The features in Horos are quite amazing as they can be used in a variety of specialties. This spotlight takes us back to Horos users in Brazil...

Neuroradiologists and Neurosurgeons in Brazil

This particular Horos user has requested to remain anonymous, so while we honor their request we still want to share their particular usage of Horos with you. The reason why we do these Spotlight blogs is so that like-minded users can see how others are using Horos. Maybe there is something Horos can do that you didn’t know about! Horos is a community, and we feel obliged to nurture it by promoting your work as healthcare and veterinary specialists using Horos.

Horos Academy is now available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Brazil, as you might know from a previous blog, hosts one of the largest populations of Horos users around the world. In fact, our spotlight user has told us that it is not uncommon to see an interventionist neuroradiologist or neurosurgeon using an open source product. Prior to using Horos, many users were big fans of OsiriXTM. However, it recently closed its open source code and is no longer offering a fully featured and free open source version. Which is how we have gotten such a big surge of new users. Horos provided them what they were looking for. Essentially, for OsiriX users that don’t want to spend a lot of money on subscription, Horos is a great free alternative with the same functionality as the 64-bit version of OsiriX. Today, such users can utilize Horos to archive and view patient exams in medical practices and hospitals in Brazil. Such specialists are using the platform to view MRIs, CTs, PETs, X-Rays, and much more.

According to our source, Horos is particularly useful for angiographies, and analyzing spine CTs. The 3D viewer features with 3D MPR make the viewing of such structures very easy.

Final Thought

If you are a specialist using Horos, or any other DICOM viewer for that matter, check out our spotlights. They showcase Horos users around the world, what they do, and how Horos helps them do it. We are committed to the Horos community and thus are hosting presentations around the world. On May 4, 2018 we will be presenting at the JPR conference in São Paulo, Brazil. If you’re in town, stop on by!

Horos Cloud Reporting Now Available