Spotlight: Horos at the Rachis Spine Center, Greece

Posted by P. Varma on Mar 1, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Spine specialists around the world love using Horos. In this spotlight we will introduce you to a surgeon in Greece who has found Horos to be quite useful in his day to day professional life. …

Meet Dr. Arion Kapinas

Dr. Kapinas is a consulting spine and orthopedic surgeon at the Rachis Spine Center in Greece. He primarily uses Horos to view MRIs, CTs, and X-rays. While this consulting surgeon has only been using the free DICOM viewer for about a year, he has found tremendous value in Horos. It has made viewing MRI images in particular far easier than any alternative.

To Dr. Kapinas, he began using Horos because it was free and user friendly. This ease of use is what has enabled him to continue viewing his images on an advertisement free, open source DICOM viewer. Today, over 100,000 professionals in 160 countries are using Horos.

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Final Thought

With over 100,000 unique users, the Horos Team wants to ensure that users have the right tools at their disposal. That’s why along with paid support, we have launched the Horos Academy. For all those professionals who want to discover how to unlock Horos’ full potential - sign up for Horos Academy.

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