Can I Collaborate Live With Horos?

Posted by P. Varma on May 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Physicians often find themselves needing to collaborate on patient studies. If you are only using local onsite solutions like Horos, you are probably having to send the images via mail. So long story short, no, Horos does not allow you to collaborate in real time with a colleague. However, if that is something you need, the makers of Horos have an affordable solution that will enable you to collaborate and then some.

What Is The Alternative?

Open source DICOM viewers like Horos have their ups and their downs. However, it really all depends on your individual use case. For instance, if you are in need of live collaboration, immediate sharing, instant access, and the ability to view your images on non Mac devices - then you need to seek out an alternative solution. For such needs, we suggest a Cloud integration. Not ready to part with your favorite free, open source, DICOM viewer? No worries, you might be eligible for a Hybrid Cloud integration.

A Hybrid PACS

Let’s face it, if you are using Horos to store your images, share reports, and access patient data, you are using Horos as a PACS. But here is a newsflash: Horos was not built to be a PACS. It is just a viewer. So, if you want to continue using it as a viewer, but need real time features like collaboration, ask a PACS vendor about a Hybrid solution.

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Essentially, Horos can be integrated with a Cloud PACS platform like Purview ViVATM. With this solution, first thing’s first, you get to continue using your preferred method to view images. However, in order to collaborate and perform other functions in real time, your vendor will set you up with a Cloud instance. You will be able to use the Cloud PACS end of your solution to collaborate on images, live, through your browser. Not only that, but you can finally have a reliable form of storage. You don’t have to squeeze everything onto Horos (causing it to perform slower) anymore. Instead, you can have as much or as little Cloud storage as you want. Essentially, you can now access images previously were stored in filing cabinets with the click of a mouse. The best part aside from the affordability? It takes up no physical space. Need a bit more convincing? Watch our webinar: Graduating From Horos & OsiriX.

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Now, what if you don’t have fast enough Internet to support such a solution but you still require the features only the Cloud can provide? It’s simple enough. Your provider will set you up with an image router that will allow you to pre-fetch your images prior to needing then for surgery or an appointment.

Final Thought

Technology has come a long way since the beginning of medical imaging. While open source DICOM viewers still have a place in the world, they lack certain features. All of which have one thing in common: lack of urgency. Sure, you can collaborate with Horos or other alternatives, but you cannot do it in real time unless your colleague is standing right beside you or already got the images via parcel and is talking to you over the phone or webchat. It’s just more cumbersome to perform tasks like collaboration - especially if time is of the essence. So, while we encourage you to keep using a great solution like Horos if it feeds your needs; we also encourage that you look at alternative ways to improve your workflow.

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