How Horos Enables Professionals in Turkey to Read Images at Home

Posted by P. Varma on May 19, 2018 10:00:00 AM

While Horos certainly still has a way to go before it can be put in the same category as a Cloud based DICOM viewer, it is still one step ahead of an onsite and physically bulky viewing workstation. With Horos, as a physician or academic, you can download the application onto your Mac laptop and you can view patient images anywhere you take your device.

Horos In Turkey

We have Horos users with amazing stories from all corners of the world. One of our users in Turkey is a specialist at a children’s hospital there and uses Horos extensively. In fact, they have Horos for about a year now. When we asked “Why Horos?”, the answer was simple but straight to the point: “It is free, 64-bit, and completely identical to OsiriX MDTM. It is great for PET/CT image viewing.” While this particular user may have previously used OsiriXTM, the truth is that Horos is replacing more and more DICOM viewers each day. Since we decided to keep it fully featured for free of cost, Horos is easily the world’s favorite open source DICOM viewer available for download.

Horos Academy is now available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

What’s Not To Love?

Many of our users like the one showcased in this spotlight (who has requested to remain anonymous) are in the academic world alongside healthcare. To them, the most valuable features of Horos include: SUV measurement and 3D MIP image creation while working with CT scans and PET scans. In fact, many use Horos to help archive DICOM images and integrate with a PACS node.

Final Thought

When we asked this talented Horos user in Turkey if there was anything else we should know, they responded saying “I would like to congratulate your project and to thank you for your great software support to healthcare professionals”. It’s times like this that we feel that what Horos does significantly impacts the healthcare community. In fact, it is the reason why we decided to make 2018 a big year in Horos history. While promising to keep Horos fully featured and free, we have added to our offerings: support, training, and very soon...Cloud features. So, stay tuned!

Horos Cloud Reporting Now Available