How Horos Enables Physiotherapists To Make Better Treatment Plans

Posted by P. Varma on Apr 20, 2018 3:00:00 PM

If you need to view medical images, there is not a specialty out there that cannot benefit from the use of a fully featured, open source DICOM viewer like Horos. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, Horos is everywhere. In fact, one of our largest Horos user populations is in Italy. Read more to learn about how Horos applies to physiotherapy…

Meet Dr. Eleonora Veronese

Dr. Veronese is a physiotherapist practicing in Italy. She has been using Horos for over two years now. She initially began using it because she needed a decent and affordable means to view X-Rays and MRIs of patients. As most everyone knows: Horos is available to download for free. This particularly ended up being a great thing for Dr. Veronese, as she is now able to practice physiotherapy without breaking the bank. On any typical day, she works with patients suffering from lumbar and cervical pain. In order to provide a treatment plan, she has to be able to view the correlating images first. Horos enables her to view the images prior to seeing the patient and determining if there are any red flags that she should be aware of when proceeding to treat.

Horos Academy is now available in English, Portuguese, and SpanishToday, she has additionally added CTs to her list of modalities. For the most part, the length and axis features on Horos are a great assistance to the work Dr. Veronese does for her patients. According to Dr. Veronese, due to Horos, she is able to view the studies better than before, catalog them, and come back to them after a patient’s first visit for instance.

Final Thought

Horos is not bias to any one specialty. While Radiologists are often stereotyped as being the sole specialty that reads imaging, all specialists are able to do so. It’s just a free software, but its capabilities go head to head with expensive solutions. Due to Horos being available with its full features for free, professionals like Dr. Veronese are able to better help their patients get the treatment they need.