Teleradiologists Using A Mac Don't Have To Break The Bank

Posted by P. Varma on Apr 17, 2018 2:00:00 PM

While there are more Windows users out there than Mac, you will always find physicians using Apple products around the world. For them, Horos is a breath of fresh air, as it was built to perform on a Mac platform. From the Americas to Asia, Horos has a footprint everywhere. One such place is India.

Meet Dr. Rajarshi Bahadur

Dr. Bahadur is a Consulting Radiologist with RadiologiX in India. Dr. Bahadur has been using Horos since its launch in early 2015. As a freelance radiologist working exclusively with Mac computers, this physician has found tremendous value in using Horos. Previous to Horos, most reporting software was Windows based. So it is needless to say that Horos being a Mac friendly open source product has been well received. According to Dr. Bahadur, “Horos was like a prayer answered”.

Horos Academy is now available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Horos comes fully equipped with everything a tele-radiologist needs. In Dr. Bahadur’s case, the teleradiology profession was startup work. Hence, Dr. Bahadur had little in terms of financial resources to purchase fancy software. Luckily for physicians in similar situations, Horos is a fully featured open source software for medical imaging available to all for free.

For the most part, Dr. Bahadur views MRIs, CTs, X-Rays, and Ultrasounds. Overall, the most used feature for this physician is the Reporting feature. This is particularly useful for tele-reporting, reading, 3D processing - all available in a single platform thanks to Horos.

Final Thought

According to Dr. Bahadur, Horos has taken “a startup tele-reporting system to a financially viable project.” Overall, this product has brought a sense of ease to the day to day schedule of this tele-radiologist. If you are an avid Horos user, tell us your story! We would love to share it with the community!