Spotlight: Horos at the Treviso Hospital in Italy

Posted by P. Varma on Feb 23, 2018 11:30:00 AM

The origins of Italian neurosurgery date back to the 6th millennium BC near present day Pescara, Italy. It is here that archaeologists unearthed the skull of a woman showing evidence of a surgical procedure by the parietal bone and intraparietal suture. What’s truly remarkable is that evidence in the bone shows that the patient most likely survived the procedure and in fact died a year later. While today, neurosurgeons are not reaching for sharpened stones as scalpels, they most certainly are using Horos to get a closer look at what is going on in the brain….

Meet Dr. Vincenzo di Stefano

Dr. di Stefano is a neurosurgeon over at the Treviso Hospital in Italy. Horos has been of particular value, because the public health system in countless European regions is being faced to serve more patients with fewer resources available. The Treviso Hospital was built to fill this need. In fact, it is being called the new citadel of health. The new hospital has around 990 beds. This makes a big difference as it significantly helps the community by giving people a place to be seen for medical concerns as well as creating new jobs.

Horos Cloud Reporting Now Available

Dr. di Stefano typically uses Horos to view MRIs, CTs, and X-Rays. He is a relatively new user, as he has only been on the open source platform for around 6 months. However, the simplicity of use to him is what provides the greatest value. Horos is the go to medium for this neurosurgeon, and he uses it every day as he examines patients.

Final Thought

Horos has a way of touching even the more intricate specialties like neurosurgery. Today, it has found its way to live in the lives of professionals in 160 countries around the world from everything from artistry to 3D vascular reconstruction. Dr. di Stefano probably says it best, Horos is “easy, free...what else could I ask for?”.

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