Spotlight: Horos in Intensive Care, UK

Posted by P. Varma on Feb 21, 2018 11:30:00 AM

One of Horos’ greatest strengths is its ability to support the medical education community. While expensive viewing solutions might be an option for large hospitals, they are not the most economic choice for students and those in educational roles. Each field in medicine has need for such a product. When you really think about it, trainees are already paying enough for certification. Horos enables them to not break the bank and set foot on the path to an accomplished future....

Meet Dr. Evangelos Boultoukas

Dr. Boultoukas is a FICE Mentor and Educational Lead in the United Kingdom. FICE, or Focused Intensive Care Echo, enables training focused on transthoracic echo for adult intensive care. It is supported by the Intensive Care Society. In a nutshell the accreditation is of great importance. It provides a medium to be trained from echo specialists in the newest and best methods. Each trainee is required to attend a course, complete a logbook which includes 50 studies, and will complete the accreditation upon passing an assessment. As a mentor, Dr. Boultoukas offers guidance and direction to mentees looking to excel in the field of adult intensive care. Horos has become a critical aspect in that, because it is now implemented to assist in educational echo sessions.

Early enrollment for Horos Academy

For the past two years, Dr. Boultoukas has been supplementing his mentorship with Horos. In particular, Horos is used to store intensive care echocardiography images for personal log books. In fact, the most frequently used feature of Horos has become the database access and loop review. Which makes sense since all the studies are Ultrasounds.

So what’s Dr. Boultoukas’ favorite part of Horos? According to him, Horos has “excellent portability and ability to review images anywhere, anytime”.

I Need Horos Support

Final Thought

Horos is for everyone, not just radiologists. Specialists in orthopedics, cardiology, physics, and education around the world have found many ways to utilize Horos. In fact, our team is so dedicated to nurturing our growing worldwide community that we have committed to pursuing FDA/CE accreditation. And don’t panic! A diagnostically approved Horos will remain free. The only thing is that we cannot accomplish this feat without our community. Your contributions can make all the difference.

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