Spotlight: Horos in Egypt

Posted by P. Varma on Feb 15, 2018 3:30:00 PM

One of the biggest reasons why we at Horos decided to keep the project open source and free for all users is because not everyone can afford an expensive solution. Not everyone is a large hospital corporation with the means to provide its staff with pricey alternatives. That’s the reason why researchers and students around the world choose Horos. It also is a large reason why the product has such appeal in the global radiology community. It serves their purpose without breaking the bank.

Meet Dr. Aly Shata

Dr. Aly Shata of Egypt is one of many using Horos for educational purposes. In fact, Shata used Horos extensively during a PhD thesis. However, that’s not all. Dr. Shata utilizes the open source project in a professional setting as well. Our Egyptian friend is a Radiologist and has multiple CT, MRI, and X-ray studies sent to a local laptop. That’s where the Horos application lives. The application is then used to support opinions that are made and delivered back to the recipient via email and Dropbox. Dr. Shata has found the JPEG conversion plugin to be particularly useful for the latter. Furthermore, Horos enables adequate measurements to be taken in order for a solid opinion to be made on any given study.

Horos Cloud Reporting Now Available

Dr. Shata has told us that the most valuable tools that Horos has provided include orthogonal reconstruction as well as measurement tools like ADC value, HU, Histograms, as well as length and angles.  

Final Thought

When we asked Dr. Shata “why Horos?”, the response was simple enough. Shata was previously using OsiriXTM. That all stopped once the previously open source legend became “crippling” to use when the free version became more and more inadequate for users. At the Horos Project, we are determined to keep Horos free for all users and continue to improve the platform. For instance, we are now pursuing FDA/CE and other approvals (with your help) as just one of the many ways we are improving Horos for our global community.    

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