Spotlight: Cardiologists in Tuscany

Posted by P. Varma on Feb 14, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Cardiologists around the world use DICOM medical viewers. In fact, when it comes to Horos, a big chunk of our users are cardiology specialists. They include researchers, surgeons, general practitioners, and instructors. For this spotlight, we’ll take you to Italy to discover how Horos is making a difference in Siena, Tuscany. 

Meet Dr. Eugenio Neri

Dr. Eugenio Neri is a cardiac surgeon in the Tuscan region of Italy. He has been using Horos now for about 1.5 years, and has seen a world of difference from his previous solution - OsiriXTM. Dr. Neri originally transitioned to Horos because he had learned that it was an open source, 64 bit viewer that was considered in the community for being a reliable radiological software. Today, he spends his time in a university hospital setting where he focuses his research on the aorta and thoracic region.

I Need Horos Support

For the most part, Dr. Neri primarily views CTs of the heart. If you are a Horos User, you probably know that everyone uses it differently. So it should not come as a surprise the fact that Dr. Neri uses 3D MPR, 3D Volume Rendering, and Database Functions. These functions are vital to the work this cardiology specialist is doing. However, what’s really cool is that his team uses Horos for preoperative planning. Specifically, Horos is used for 3D printings of the aorta and thoracic region. It enables surgeons to have that advance look at the structures in the heart prior to cutting open a patient. 

Final Thought

When we first launched the Horos Project in 2015, we never thought that one day this free open source DICOM viewer would be used for 3D printing. At Horos, we are determined to better your go-to viewer. So if you have a plugin that you think would make a great addition to the product, let us know and we will look into it!

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