Spotlight: Veterinarians Using Horos for 3D Models

Posted by P. Varma on Apr 4, 2018 11:30:00 AM

It’s well established that Horos is a quality free and open source DICOM viewer. However, it’s super exciting when we hear that users have become evangelists of Horos. Such users have actively been on Horos throughout various stages of their professional lives. They truly embody what Horos was built as - a solution that is applicable to all specialties utilizing imaging. Read more to hear about how Horos has been an integral part of an individual’s professional life from the very start.

Meet Dr. Javier Sanz

Dr. Sanz is a Veterinary Surgeon over at the 3D VetLab in Spain; however, he wasn’t always. This Horos user began using Horos over 2 years ago when the product was newly released. At the time Dr. Sanz was just Javier Sanz, veterinary student intern. That’s right! He has been using Horos from the days of his internship to the present where he is a successful veterinary surgeon. It’s moments like this that the Horos team glitters with pride.

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Dr. Sanz currently runs a veterinary 3D printing lab. Here, they make anatomical models for planning surgeries. They also use this material to teach at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Now, this is not the first Horos user we have done a spotlight on who uses Horos for 3D printing that is used to help plan out difficult operations. It seems as though our favorite open source DICOM viewer is capable of doing much more than one would expect from a free downloadable product.

Primarily Dr. Sanz views MRIs and CTs. The ROI segmentation and surface rendering tools are by far of the most value when it comes to doing what this veterinary surgeon’s team does best. According to Dr. Sanz, Horos is his “main DICOM viewer and the first step of [his] workflow”.

Final Thought

Dr. Sanz is not the only one out there that has used Horos from their days as a student or intern to new heights in their professional career. Today Horos is present in numerous labs being used for 3D construction for surgery planning as well as a teaching tool in universities. If you find that you are in need of discovering how to become more efficient with your use of Horos, try out Horos Academy. It is Horos training taught by Horos experts where you can learn according to your schedule.

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