How Horos Enables Physiotherapists To Make Better Treatment Plans

If you need to view medical images, there is not a specialty out there that cannot benefit from the use of a fully featured, open source DICOM viewer like Horos. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, Horos is everywhere. In fact, one of our largest Horos user populations is in Italy. Read more to learn about how Horos applies to physiotherapy…

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Spotlight: Horos at the Treviso Hospital in Italy

The origins of Italian neurosurgery date back to the 6th millennium BC near present day Pescara, Italy. It is here that archaeologists unearthed the skull of a woman showing evidence of a surgical procedure by the parietal bone and intraparietal suture. What’s truly remarkable is that evidence in the bone shows that the patient most likely survived the procedure and in fact died a year later. While today, neurosurgeons are not reaching for sharpened stones as scalpels, they most certainly are using Horos to get a closer look at what is going on in the brain….

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Spotlight: Cardiologists in Tuscany

Cardiologists around the world use DICOM medical viewers. In fact, when it comes to Horos, a big chunk of our users are cardiology specialists. They include researchers, surgeons, general practitioners, and instructors. For this spotlight, we’ll take you to Italy to discover how Horos is making a difference in Siena, Tuscany. 

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