5 Steps To Take After Downloading Horos

Horos, a free open-source DICOM medical imaging viewer for Apple computers, has been adopted globally by tens of thousands of diverse users, from clinicians and academic researchers to lawyers and patients who want to view their medical images.

As such, after downloading Horos the next steps you should take depend on the reasons you downloaded the software in the first place.

So what are the most common use cases for Horos, and what should you do in each instance?

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Radiology Reports with Key Images Improve Communication

A standard radiology report is a useful way to capture and succinctly communicate the results of most imaging scans, including X-rays, CT scans and MRIs. Whether in human health or veterinarian care, this summary of the identified condition and diagnosis is a critical communication tool between the radiologist and the treating physician or patient. While radiology reports are traditionally comprised of text, reports with key images improve communication by providing a new layer of depth and understanding for physicians and their patients.

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How Horos Enables Professionals in Turkey to Read Images at Home

While Horos certainly still has a way to go before it can be put in the same category as a Cloud based DICOM viewer, it is still one step ahead of an onsite and physically bulky viewing workstation. With Horos, as a physician or academic, you can download the application onto your Mac laptop and you can view patient images anywhere you take your device.

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Spotlight: Veterinarians Using Horos for 3D Models

It’s well established that Horos is a quality free and open source DICOM viewer. However, it’s super exciting when we hear that users have become evangelists of Horos. Such users have actively been on Horos throughout various stages of their professional lives. They truly embody what Horos was built as - a solution that is applicable to all specialties utilizing imaging. Read more to hear about how Horos has been an integral part of an individual’s professional life from the very start.

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Spotlight: Horos in Chile

Horos is present in 160 countries around the world. It affects the professional lives of countless physicians in a variety of specialties, educators, students, and IT professionals. That’s right - don’t forget that while it is a DICOM medical imaging viewer, Horos is also a free open source product. There are numerous IT groups around the world utilizing Horos for their own purposes. Here is one example how…

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How Medical Experts Use Horos For Legal Cases

They say once you go Mac, you don’t go back. While it may not be applicable in every case, it most certainly is a driving factor to why many Horos users chose Horos in the first place - the are Mac users all the way. At least this was the case for Joseph Scheller…

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