Introducing The Horos User Guide

We are excited to announce that our latest project - the Horos User Guide - is finally ready! This weekend, we will be publishing the long-awaited comprehensive manual for Horos.

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5 Steps To Take After Downloading Horos

Horos, a free open-source DICOM medical imaging viewer for Apple computers, has been adopted globally by tens of thousands of diverse users, from clinicians and academic researchers to lawyers and patients who want to view their medical images.

As such, after downloading Horos the next steps you should take depend on the reasons you downloaded the software in the first place.

So what are the most common use cases for Horos, and what should you do in each instance?

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Dear Horos Community Members:

Dear Horos Community Member,

Thank you for your support of Horos.  We are now three years past our original introduction of Horos and are overwhelmed with the level of support we have received.  We now have more than 125,000 users around the world, spanning seven continents and 170 countries. Every day we hear from community members who tell us about how important Horos is to their work or their personal needs.  We love hearing from our members, so keep those cards (emails) and letters coming!

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