Spotlight: Horos For Neurology

Did you know that Horos is literally present all over the world? That’s right, all seven continents on Planet Earth now have Horos users residing on them. That is quite an accomplishment considering that Horos is only a little over 3 years old. The features in Horos are quite amazing as they can be used in a variety of specialties. This spotlight takes us back to Horos users in Brazil...

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How Horos Enables Neurosurgeons To Reconstruct Cervical Spine Foramina

Brazil as a nation has one of the largest Horos user populations in the world. Provided that Horos is present in 160 countries, that is a rather interesting statistic. While Horos users come from all corners of the globe, and range from a wide spectrum of specialties and professions, this spotlight introduces you to a neurosurgeon in Brazil, and how Horos has brought immense value to his career, his team, and his patients.

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Spotlight: Legal and Educational Uses of Horos in Brazil

The field of radiology goes way past X-Rays, CTs, and MRIs. In fact, as you probably know, there are numerous specialties out there. From vascular, to pediatric, to nuclear radiology - we have users that fit every profile. However, in this spotlight we will introduce you to a Brazilian user who happens to be a forensic radiologist…

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