How Medical Experts Use Horos For Legal Cases

Posted by P. Varma on Mar 15, 2018 11:00:00 AM

They say once you go Mac, you don’t go back. While it may not be applicable in every case, it most certainly is a driving factor to why many Horos users chose Horos in the first place - the are Mac users all the way. At least this was the case for Joseph Scheller…

Meet Joseph Scheller

Joseph Scheller is a medical consultant over at the Ginger Avocado Consultants located in Maryland, USA. He has been a Horos user from the very beginning. To Scheller, Horos was the only choice as he himself is admittedly a "Mac guy". To him, there was no other alternative DICOM viewer that was built to work on a Mac.

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Scheller consults on head injuries in legal cases. He uses Horos to explain the CTs, MRIs, and X-Rays of the brain and spine to the court. In particular he has found comparisons on Horos to be of great value. He can easily line up two views of the brain or spine and compare them to one another. This is great, because it makes Scheller’s job of explaining imaging findings to courts and patients that much easier. Professionals like Joseph Scheller often have contracts with federal branches of Department of Defense or Department of Justice. They also have a place in testing laboratories. These individuals serve as the medical expert on any given case. They have a tremendous responsibility - to sit in a court of law and provide an expert opinion. The result of which will change someone’s life. The fact that countless legal professionals around the world use Horos for these situations speaks on the credibility of the quality of the DICOM viewer.

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Horos is a trusted free open source DICOM viewer used in 160 countries around the world. However, just because it is free and open source, don’t be bamboozled into downloading it from third party websites. Horos is what it is because of users like you. When our community submits code or bug fixes it gets molded into our open source code. So, if you are downloading the app from anywhere but the website, you are taking a great risk. The strange site could have a virus in the app, there could be features missing, and overall the quality is at stake. When it comes to medical imaging, quality should never be sacrificed.

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