Dear Horos Community Members:

Posted by Les Trachtman, EE, JD, MBA on Jun 7, 2018 1:40:49 PM

Dear Horos Community Member,

Thank you for your support of Horos.  We are now three years past our original introduction of Horos and are overwhelmed with the level of support we have received.  We now have more than 125,000 users around the world, spanning seven continents and 170 countries. Every day we hear from community members who tell us about how important Horos is to their work or their personal needs.  We love hearing from our members, so keep those cards (emails) and letters coming!

PurviewTM continues to invest a large effort into improvements to the product itself while we build out an infrastructure to enable members of our community to rely on Horos as an important commercial tool.  Beyond the core product itself, we have also launched Horos Academy and Horos Support both aimed at ensuring that our community gets what it needs from their Horos usage.

We are about to launch a series of plug-ins that will provide cloud-based reporting.  This is especially important to those who use Horos (or OsiriXTM) to generate reports using Pages.  Our new structured reporting will save you time, will enable more professional looking reports, and can be shared electronically with no additional steps. Cloud reporting will be followed shortly by electronic study sharing and cloud storage. Beyond that we are working hard to enable the addition of more plug-ins developed by the community.  Later this year we will be launching our online store to make as many of these plug-ins as practical available for more specialized use of Horos. As we let you know earlier this year, we are pursuing FDA (as well as CE and other jurisdictional) approval for Horos to enable its usage to become even more widespread.

The core Horos platform will remain free open source software.  We will not split it into two versions, charging for the more functional version as had happened with its predecessor product.  We continue to make that pledge. 

In order to encourage the build-out of Horos’s infrastructure, some of our and your plug-ins, as well as support and training, will be offered for a very reasonable fee. This enables us, both as a commercial venture and as a community, to ensure we remain financially viable so we can continue to offer Horos as a free service to the community.

We believe that it is critically important to continue to have a high function free open source product available to anyone who needs it.  We hope that Horos will continue to be that choice!


Thanks for keeping the faith in open source!

Les Trachtman

Managing Director, Purview

Horos Cloud Reporting Now Available